Wendell Waranen, Benevolent Dictator, Discusses Things To Think About

About the Book

This book provides candid discourses regarding conditions that are debilitating this wonderful nation, what is causing them, and realistically achievable corrections for them that will, however, take many years to achieve. As repeatedly noted in the book, the primary objective in the correction process will be a transformation from the nation’s current controlling driver based on entities relentlessly seeking wealth and power to a benevolent controlling government that puts humanity first and provides all citizens from CEOs to laundry attendants with opportunities for purposeful and fulfilling lives in a far more civil and harmonious society.

Joseph Hillstrom

About the Author

Interested in “most everything” since his early schooling, J. K. Hillstrom tried four majors at two universities interspersed by military service and several years as a merchant mariner, finally graduating with a degree in English and the honor of a Phi Beta Kappa key followed by a master’s degree in English Composition, more commonly called writing. This led to twenty-plus years of unexpected but suitable employment as a technical writer-editor in both the public and private sectors as well as twice becoming a technical publications manager while publishing two books along with minor pieces now and again. He subsequently taught writing at two community colleges and a major university, during all of these years steadily reading fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays, and magazines and newspapers while living in six of the nation’s major cities. He is grateful for having been blessed with an interesting and rewarding life but has become gravely concerned about what he deems is a nation placed on dubious paths by certain controlling entities and decided to write a book about the matter.


The fact is that no single occurrence has brought more damage to this nation over approximately the last century than the relentless lust for money by so many entities and individuals seeking it . . . Leading the ever-seeking gaggle are the nation’s large corporations and their leaderships who with rare exception undeviatingly pursue it despite having already accumulated massive sums of it followed by thousands of lesser but no less persistent owners of smaller businesses..

Again we ask: Is a steady onslaught of exaggerated praisings of consumer products appropriate content to instill into human minds beginning with the beginning of percipience? Must it be the lot of millions of perhaps the most miraculous of all creations, human beings, to repeatedly spend lengths of time watching largely trivial content interrupted steadily by commercial messages designed to entice them to spend money to fill the maws of entities ever focused on acquiring more of it?

In summarizing the causes for the current poor state of much public school education, there seems no way to state one major cause tactfully and rather than wallow in vague euphemisms we shall state it straightly. Namely, it is readily demonstrable that a fundamental cause of this large blot on the nation’s educational system is the predominance of mediocrity it is burdened with by which we refer to lengthy reigns of too many mediocre teachers and administrators. As with the schools, the nation has thousands of excellent teachers with more thousands of good teachers. Unfortunately, it also has thousands of poor teachers.

What were once games given moderate attention have been cleverly hyped into schemes for funneling millions of dollars from millions of people to a few people, these being the billionaire and multimillionaire team owners . . . It is an on-going exploitation of people who fail to realize how they are being cleverly manipulated to pay huge sums for negligible benefit.

Millions of individuals never ever learn about the glories of classical music, jazz, iconic show music, lovely folk music, and other music given to us by musical giants because the populace is smothered from infancy to adulthood by inferior and mundane rock and rap that dominates the musical arena because it produces more profit to corporations that dominate the musical scene.

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