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admin July 19, 2018

Finding a publisher for a book is invariably a tough go and the more so if the author is unknown and the book is an unusual one. For those who don't know the usual procedure for getting a book into print, the author sends a query to a publisher consisting of a summary of the work and a few excerpts from it and unless via e-mail always with a self-addressed stamped envelope, or SASE. A response is . . .

Why I Stopped Majoring in Philosophy

Joseph Hillstrom April 20, 2018

Professor Helmut-Vorgen Schippenhundt gazed at the nineteen students seated before him in Room 206 at the University of Upper Dortmouse, glanced outside at the overcast day and the skittering clouds, cleared his throat and announced, We will now begin an examination of the concept of Thing. Today's discussion will likely take up the entire time of the class and you will accordingly need to pos . . .


Joseph Hillstrom April 13, 2018

In San Francisco in nineteen and two

There lived a bright Chinaman, Sum Lim Lu,

Who wrote a little book titled What Must We?

Which dealt with a kind of an apostasy.

First he wrote about the ancient songs of

China, which told about the T'angs and tongs

And such, songs embedded in Chinamen's bones,

The which they sang still, in their triplicate tones.

But here in . . .

Amid Splendor, What Were The Odds?

Joseph Hillstrom April 6, 2018

Linda and I have enjoyed several cruises over the years: to the Caribbean Islands (seemingly the initial cruise by many); to Hawaii, the Baltic nations, the Mediterranean, the Panama Canal, which I had passed through some dozen times when a mariner. Also enjoyable were the stops along the way: seeing Pearl Harbor, strolling in Rome, playing a bit of roulette at Monte Carlo, observing Russian demea . . .

gun ownership

Two Questions about Gun Ownership

Joseph Hillstrom March 23, 2018

It’s as clear as the sound of a church bell on a quiet Sunday morning that despite repeated efforts to control gun ownership in this nation, all have not merely failed but failed miserably. The result has been occurrences of horrendous pain and sorrow provided practically weekly to thousands of the good citizens of the nation because of mass murders from the . . .

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