Left and Allowed to Remain Uneducated

Joseph Hillstrom February 16, 2018

A major blot to our nation—and specifically its educational system—is the thousands and thousands of young persons who attend public school through elementary but to only drop out altogether upon reaching high school and encountering and refusing its more rigorous studies about American history and logarithms. If only a magical light or a futuristic newsree . . .

A Partial Summary of My Personal History

Joseph Hillstrom February 9, 2018

I earned a baccalaureate in my early thirties after enjoying college for two years, following military service ending in my early twenties, but was never certain about what to major in while choosing psychology, humanities, and philosophy—all interesting but not fields I cared to engage with over a lifetime. In addition, my G.I. Bill tuition money ran out. So, having seen some of the nation, . . .

Some Adventures and Observations of a Substitute Teacher

Joseph Hillstrom February 2, 2018

I taught as a substitute at many public schools after earning a baccalaureate. These were all in Detroit, usually for two or three days and, occasionally, for a week—except for most of a school year in the Detroit suburb of Roseville, a pleasant community of a mix of blue-collar workers and what might be termed “semiprofessionals,” most all of whom took good care of both their offspring . . .

Teaching Certificate? What Teaching Certificate?

Joseph Hillstrom January 26, 2018

This will be my first blog, most of which will relate to a book I’ve recently published—my third—with the lengthy title of Wendell Waranen, Benevolent Dictator, Discusses Things to Think About. Its summary reads, “This book provides candid discourses regarding conditions and proceedings that are debilitating this great nation, what is causing them, and hypothetical but realistically ac . . .

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